At TAP Creativity Exhibition of Light Forms Art Photography by Ela Kurowska. A photo by Paul LambertPhoto by Paul Lambert

Artist's Statement

This series of works has evolved from my long lasting interest in photography and from my passion for life sciences. I explore an abstract view of the origins of life, attempting to visualize overpowering forces that compel the natural world to create and develop life. My art depicts transformation from organic matter to living organisms, where simple life forms emerge from the darkness, bursting with light and vibrant colors.

I started a photo-based art project “Light Forms” after stumbling across an old, long forgotten visualization technique from the field of material science. This technique utilizes polarized light to visualize stresses in solid, transparent materials subjected to deformations. Very quickly I realized that modifying this approach to employ organic gels – a softer and more malleable material – presented me with a medium of an enormous artistic potential. Using my biochemistry lab skills, I started experimenting.

I have since discovered and applied diverse methodologies that transform amorphous, translucent organic gels into colorful, luminescent, three-dimensional compositions resembling living organisms. This conceptual transformation is realized through the gels’ conversion from liquid to solid that is physically influenced by steps such as heating, molding, arranging, sculpting, or stressing. The otherworldly colors and light effects of the images are achieved by the use of polarizer filters.

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • 2020 “Alive” solo exhibitions, Urban Gallery, CONTACT Scotiabank Photography Festival, Toronto (catalogue listing only due to COVID-19 pandemic)


  • 2020 Fringe Gallery group show
  • 2019 Budapest International Foto Awards winners exhibition, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2019 Solo show, Dept. of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Western University, London ON
  • 2019 Solo show, One London Place, London ON
  • 2018 Unkle Collective Annual Art Show, London ON
  • 2018 "Light Forms" solo exhibition, TAP Centre for Creativity, London ON
  • 2018 Solo exhibition, Galerie Luz, Montreal
  • 2018 "Being Scene" group exhibition, Workman Arts, Toronto
  • 2017 Unkle Collective Annual Art Show and Sale, London ON
  • 2017 SONY World Photography Awards winners and shortlist exhibition, London UK
  • 2017 Fringe Gallery show, London ON
  • 2016 "Light Forms" solo exhibition, Akasha Art Projects, Toronto
  • 2016 Unkle Collective Fine Art Group Show, London ON
  • 2016 The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair, Toronto
  • 2015 “TEN” art photography group exhibition, Gallery 50, Toronto
  • 2014 “Origins” solo exhibition in Galleria 814, CONTACT Scotiabank Photography Festival
  • 2014 “Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography” group exhibition in Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NY
  • 2013 “Genesis” solo exhibition in Galeria Schody, Warsaw, Poland

Awards & Distinctions


Experience - Photography

Experience - Science