Light Forms Art Photography by Ela Kurowska

Ela Kurowska's photography transforms organic matter into images of otherworldly life. See Ela's images in Collections.

Dracodelia 02, Texturia Collection, Light Forms Art Photography Dracodelia 01, 2018
Texturia Collection

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Solo show at One London Place in London Ontario


Ela Kurowska is a photographer and a biochemist. She applies her science background to visualize and capture the transformation of formless organic matter into complex and beautiful structures resembling life. To create her images, she sculpts small, usually 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter, biomorphic objects from soft, solidified, transparent organic gels, subjects them to slow deformations and captures them in polarized light. Because some gels have ability to show material stress when viewed through polarized filters, the resulting images resemble otherworldly life forms full of light, vivid colors and rich texture. See Ela’s images in Collections.